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As an educator, curriculum director, and school administrator for over 20 years Ava has helped hundreds of students make life choices and achieve success in life. She has seen what works for students and what doesn't. With our college consulting services, we try to make it as convenient as possible for you to apply to colleges. We have three types of services for you to choose from depending on how involved you would want us to be in your college application process. Scroll down to learn more.


Working For You-

We go the entire distance doing the work for you. Click the adjacent image to learn more.



Working With You-

We work together sharing the tasks. Click the adjacent image to learn more.



Prepared For You-

We provide all the resources you need through our online courses. Click the adjacent image to access our courses.


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From Ava:

Helping students get into colleges of their choice is my passion.


Check out our growing community of appreciative students and parents


Now that all my decisions are out, I just wanted to message you and say THANK YOU!!!! I really appreciate all the help and advice you have given me, from writing my book and getting the opportunity to tutor people!! I'm super happy with all my decisions and I'm so grateful for everything you have helped me with! Now I just have to decide where to go :)

-Amitha Bhat


Thank you Ms. G for your help with my college admissions. I'm so grateful to you that I could make such tremendous progress and get into such a prestigious college.

-Shaili Bhambhani


Thank you Ms. Gencheva for all the support you provided with Rachana's college application. She finally accepted admission to her favorite college.

-Sandhya Jukanti

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