• Passion project guidance 1*
  • Discovering the College Major(s)
  • Letters of Recommendations
  • Preparation of the college list and selection of major(s)
  • Academic course selection of school subjects for each school year
  • SAT/ACT recommendations for best results
  • Access to all workshops organized throughout the school year and/or summer
  • Pre-college programs  recommendations and guidance
  • Activities List preparation and edits for common/ coalition or UC System
  • Essay brainstorm and one round of edits for the common or coalition application or summer precollege

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  • Guidance t o Extracurricular activities and guidance to competitions
  • Letters of recommendations
  • College programs recommendations
  • College applications-brainstorm, full edits of essays
  • College Major Selections
  • College List Preparation includes in-state and out-of-state
  • UC System Applications review and submissions
  • UC System Strategy and Development
  • CSU System Applications review and submissions
  • Brainstorm for common or coalition application essay with one round of edits for each essay
  • Additional Access: College Essay Writing Workshops
  • Additional Access to Summer College Workshops
  • Resume preparation

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  • Resume Preparation
  • Portfolio creation and final review
  • Interview Preparation
  • Common app/Coalition app preparation
  • Common app final review and submission
  • Personal statement one-650-words essay brainstorm, edits, and final submission
  • Honors College essay
  • School-specific application
  • UC essays four-350-word essays brainstorm, edits, and submission
  • UC application review, fill-in and submission
  • Activities List guidance strategy and submission
  • Up to 5 supplemental application essays for any of the private colleges
  • Guidance to procure letters of recommendation from school teachers and professors
  • Additional: Access to College Essay Writing Workshops
  • Additional: Access to Summer College Workshops
  • FAFSA overview

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The College Essay

1* This can be anything from a major research, writing a book, or designing a product.


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