English Grammar and Academic Writing 


VoicED offers creative writing workshops for young and teen writers. Our method encourages students to write with clarity and precision on any topic. We provide all materials and teach vocabulary, English grammar and composition to highest standards not taught at schools. 

The results are outstanding. Students can deliver on topics of interest with enthusiasm and engagement not found in a classroom. The live and interactive classes create an environment where young writers can relax, brainstorm, take risks, write, and revise.

Participants write more, think more deeply about their own writing, and become more invested in turning ideas into fully developed stories, plays, and essays. By encouraging students to become committed and engaged writers, VoicED helps them to unlock their full potential.

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A. Kim

"My son has cultivated a complete love of writing through his time at VoicED. He is as excited to attend the weekly classes as he would for any of his other fun activities, sometimes even more. He also now writes on his own at home. VoicED classes had such a positive impact not just on his writing but on his ability to express himself creatively.”

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