My name is Ava

Imagine a journey through the intricate tapestry of college admissions, guided by someone who believes in unlocking greatness within every student. My passion for education is the driving force behind VoicED. My story echoes the pursuit of excellence from my own educational pursuits to all my work with students and parents. 

What sets me apart is a rare perspective forged in the crucible of both sides of the admissions process. Having led a college consulting company with decades of experience in education, I have encountered outstanding profiles and portfolios with many of my students accepted at a highly selective college. Year after year, I've delved into hundreds of thousands of essays and applications. This journey shaped my vision and fueled my passion for empowering students. It has found its expression in VoicED and all of its undertakings.


 Assistance for every stage of your college preparation journey with a custom project and plan. 

 You will receive support and expert advice in all aspects of your high school and college preparation, no matter how complex or impossible it might look. 

 Using VoicED proprietary tools you will have a comprehensive list of best-fit colleges to select from by major, size, location, and acceptance level. 

 You will have a strong support to gather all application documents and discover your story and brainstorm it into an outstanding personal narrative.

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