14 Summer Activities that Impress Colleges

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Are you wondering what you are going to do this summer vacation. If you haven't already check out the prep courses, and the writing camp over 50 hours of content. 

  1. Summer School–if you are an overachiever and if you can get these classes out of the way ant get them taken care of you  ave more time during the regular year to take AP or other classes that look impressive.
  2.  Go to College–as a high school student most colleges will have special programs for students in high school so look for a challenging program and that sometimes is a proof to colleges that you are ready to challenge yourself and cut your teeth into a challenging academic environment. Use summer break to get ahead and into your dream school.

    If you don’t have such plans, you can look into elite universities and attend a supplemental summer program, but keep in mind that many are cost prohibitive and have no impact on your college application.

  3.   Take an Online Course–convenient many a free and you can study almost anything in the world.   
  4.  Enter a Scholarship–find competition; many are free for high school students and you can get scholarship money for it and see your name in print. It's a great confidence booster. 
  5. Research–coolest activity is working with real researchers. There are two ways to do that you can dig and find your own independent research project or you can find someone else research project to join. The best way to do this is to cold call or graduate students. Figure out what kind of area you are interested in and make some cold calls.
  6. Get a Job or an Internship–very respectable way to spend the summer. Colleges get very impressed by there is even  paid internships you never know they can take you up on the offer and there is nothing like taking on the real world to see what you can do.
  7. Consider working at a summer camp.
  8. Get into Politics–if you are interested in politics, see if you can volunteer at the local county office.
  9. Summer is the best time to travel abroad and learn a new language.

    political campaign or the local political office. All campaigns are typically underfunded and are looking for a help of some way.

  10.   Start a Business–teaching violin lessons, or teaching tennis lessons, are all unique ways to show initiative.
  11.   Buckle Up for Some Test Prep–extra practice during summer can give you an edge and improve your scores tremendously. During the summer you get to internalize concepts at your own pace and there is no stress for due dates or assignments.
  12. Self-Study Plan–is a great time to get ahead and not be haunted junior year (or whenever) and you don’t want to show up and not be prepared.
  13. Travel Abroad–several programs available for high school students to travel internationally are offered by local high schools or colleges. Many international schools offer exchange programs and you might be able to volunteer or work in exchange for accommodation. The possibilities are endless and worth exploring. 
  14. Write Some Essays–get on top of your college essays. The Common App is going to be open on August 1, however, if you attend the workshops organized at VoicED you will have the prompts and the topics, so you can start writing, and you will be ahead of the game.
  15. Visit Some Colleges–see what opportunities are available to go and get a feel for some of the schools the location and environment. For more ideas on how to build an impressive resume, contact VoicED. We can show you the variety of opportunities that are out there and suggest the perfect match for you based on your future plans and school achievements. 

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