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How To Write The Personal Statement + BONUS Ace the Personality Evaluation

Have Fun Writing!

Crafting a compelling personal statement is paramount in your college application journey. Our comprehensive guide navigates you through every step of the process, ensuring your personal statement shines with:

  • An Engaging Hook to captivate your reader from the start,
  • A Cohesive Body that logically presents your narrative,
  • A Resonant Conclusion that leaves a lasting impression,
  • Placing You at the Heart of the narrative to showcase your unique perspective,
  • Purposeful Dialogue to add depth and authenticity,
  • Seamless Transitions for a fluid and coherent flow,
  • Sensory Language that vividly paints your experiences,
  • Dynamic Action Verbs to bring your story to life,
  • Figurative Language and Literary Devices for added impact,
  • First-Person Point-of-View for a personal touch,
  • Thoughtful Tone that reflects your personality,
  • Explanation through compelling Examples to substantiate your claims.

With these essential elements, your personal statement will stand out, captivating admissions officers and elevating your college application.

What People Are Saying:

Thank you for all your help with the Common Application. I could not do all this writing without you.

Justin Y.